Thursday, December 30, 2010

Riding the Right Wave

An idea hit me hard.

That night I hardly slept. This idea kept buzzing in my head. I need to call my sister Dila badly. Unfortunately, she was so busy with I-don’t-know-maybe-her-job-application-or-something. Then I decided to write that very important email.

In the past month, the three of us (Dila, Zata and me) have been addicted to LB (read my previous post), trying hard to score more, getting more hype. I wonder why were we doing this? I mean, this moslem girls’s phenomena trying to express themselves through fashion (in this case: hijab styles).

We are not alone. I came across this beautifully written news from BBC: Muslim designers mix the hijab with latest fashions.

This is a global phenomenon. Moslem girls around the world are hit by the same wave.

In Indonesia we are lucky enough to have so many choice of ‘busana muslim’. We can just grab what is available and don the hijab. But in Western countries where moslem is minority, finding the right clothing that suitable for hijab ain’t easy. Yes, the shop sells maxi dress, but sometime there’s no sleeve. Oh, that cute little dress is flattering but it’s only above your knee.

That, however, is the silver lining. They are forced to be creative in mix-matching what’s available in store. They shopped at mainstream fashion store and style the clothing with their own hijab.

In London they shop at TopShop and H&M and don their hijab.
In New York they shop at GAP and J. Crew and don their hijab.
In KL they shop at Cotton On and Zara and don their hijab.
In Sydney I shop at Mango and Supre (oh, only when they’re on SALE) and don my hijab.

The rise of online shopping and high-speed internet connection also speed this wave. Now any girls in the world know what's hot fashion item in Paris and London, in just one click. Most of famous brand in fashion also open their online store (and some ship worldwide, God bless them).  

Data from Internet World Stats shows that Indonesia is number 16 of top 20 countries with the highest number of internet users. By 30 June 2010, Internet user in Indonesia reach 30 million, and that’s only 12% of the population. Online shopping in Indonesia is just about to start. With 1,400% growth for the last ten years, I’m sure online shopping will be a habit, just what I experience in Sydney.

My hubby and me is savvy online shopper here. We prefer bought things online, except those Kecap ABC and Indomie Goreng from local warung J. You name it: children books, my everyday dresses, his camera, my swimming cap. We made friend with e bay, gumtree, book depository, and bunch of renowned Aussie’s fashion online stores.   

What do you do when you see wave of chic hijab style and wave of online shopping comes together?

Me bought myself an online shop.

Love from Sydney,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let's Blame LB*

Yeah, you got it right. It’s LB not FB.

LB or Lookbook is FB’s latest 'cousin' that connects people who is conscious about fashion. In other word, LB is a showcase for what you wear today (or how you wear it). If you look good, people can click the hype button and give you positive comment. What if you look bad or miserable? No worries, this is the good thing about LB, people won’t mock you for your choice of style. They will just politely ignore you and walk away.

It's all started when my lovely sista Dila came to Sydney for holiday last September. She brought her entire wardrobe with her. From cutie flower dress to barong t-shirt dress. From dreamy blue maxi to casual tops. She brought colourful hijabs, pashminas and lots of leggings. Soon I felt left behind. Well, I had lots of clothes in my wardrobe, some better than hers. But I was just not quite conscious about fashion. I don’t know how to wear them. I was amazed to see Dila’s style and repeatedly said: Oh, you can wear it like that? How could I not come up with that idea?

You can see Dila’s holiday pictures in Australia here, here and here.

Then she started join LB. From there I could see Zata, Dila’s bff. Zata is even more fashion conscious than Dila. She also has slimmer legs J. Dila and Zata opened me another beautiful world. Soon I realized it doesn’t matter what you have in your wardrobe but how you wear them.

The beautiful thing about LB is that we can see gorgeous people around the world wearing hijab with their own styles. We love Hana from London and Yuna from KL. We also love A.K.F from Crossing. They (and hundred other hijabi girls from around the world) have inspired us. We can still look gorgeous without baring our flesh. We can be stylish while covered.

I forgot that I was (then) thirty and decided to join LB, too.

see you in the happy side of the world,


*for making us addictive to it